We Believe In Nature

We also believe in easy and delicious. With Pure Inventions natural water flavoring and wellness formulas, staying hydrated, finding balance, and feeling your best are always just a few drops away.

About the Founders

Pure Invention's founders and nutritionists Lynne Gerhands and Lori Mulligan

Pure Inventions is the shared and enduring passion of lifelong friends, Lynne Gerhards and Lori Mulligan. As Clinical Certified Nutritionists, they’ve always championed healthy hydration as well as the health and wellness benefits of making natural choices. But they noticed that for a lot of their busy clients this was easier said than done.

In 2003, they set out to change that by launching Pure Inventions, a revolutionary line of water infusion drops enhanced with extracts from nature’s most powerful wellness and beauty ingredients.

Ask our founders and they’ll tell you, “our primary goal has always been to make it easy, fun and affordable for people to make choices that are closer to nature. Everyone can find the time to add a few drops of Pure Inventions to their day, no matter how hectic things get.”

Great taste. Great convenience. Great benefits. Our company was founded to help people enjoy the mind and body support that only nature can provide.

Why people love us

Woman Owned & Operated

Woman-owned and operated business.

Founded by Clinical Nutritionists in 2003

Founded in 2003 by Clinical Nutritionists dedicated to sharing the wellness benefits of nature.

Dropper bottle and pump bottle

Proudly served in luxury spas, destination resorts, and wellness centers around the world.