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Melissa Meyers is the founder of the women’s lifestyle blog The Glow Girl. Sharing her beauty, style, and wellness secrets, Melissa empowers women to be the best version of themselves, age gracefully, and maintain a youthful glow from the inside out. She personally tests an array of products and services using a highly selective curation process, helping women to make the most informed consumer decisions. The Glow Girl, Melissa has spent over 15 years sharing valuable tips, tricks, and product picks from the best skin care, wellness and beauty products Melissa has appeared as a lifestyle expert and contributor for NBC’s Today and Weekend Today in New York, New York Live, Better.TV, Fox’s Good Day New York and others. She has been featured in People, People StyleWatch, Hamptons Magazine, and many other online publications.

“I was at the Ritz Carlton spa in Aspen several years ago where they had a variety of these naturally flavored extracts to add to your water that support your immune system and over all well-being. Since I am always looking for ways to consume more water, this was a perfect match because they tasted great and provided other health benefits. There are so many varieties to choose from including green tea extracts, fruit extracts and more but my new favorite are the coconut water chocolate infusion drops. The taste is subtle but it’s just enough to make drinking water delicious plus these drops are free of sugar, calories, gluten, caffeine, artificial colors and sweeteners!”

- Melissa Meyers

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