3 Must-have Mocktails for Your Next Party

Offer a party-goer a traditional cocktail these days, and you might receive a polite and gentle brush-off and a "No thanks, I don't drink". This response is because research shows that there has been a steep decline in alcohol consumption among young adults in recent years. The reasons are myriad, from religious convictions to addiction concerns, but the most often cited reason for giving up alcohol is health. 

Unfortunately, some of these gains may be starting to reverse due to the stress brought on by COVID-19. Still, even so, the Wall Street Journal notes that many people are making the conscious decision to give up drinking before it becomes problematic: 

Amanda wasn't a problem drinker, but she worried that she could easily become one during the pandemic. "Removing the option entirely felt far easier than expecting myself to moderate, given all that was going on," she says. She's part of a growing number of people inspired by the pandemic to adopt a sort of preemptive sobriety. In July, a survey of 2,000 people commissioned by the addiction-awareness group Alcohol Change UK found that 7% of participants had stopped drinking completely during the lockdown.

A changing mindset about drinking alcohol and its role in society is positive, but it doesn't mean that everyone wants to give up every aspect of enjoying an adult beverage. Instead, many opt to drink something that is still refreshing but also full of goodness. These beverages are affectionately known as "mocktails", and they are a great addition to any party. Ready to keep your party guests hydrated and learn how to make water taste better? We have some ideas for the best mocktails that you can serve at your next get-together. 


Raspberry Green Tea Sparkler with Lime 


Do you want to show off your style with a drink that is hard to resist? You could start everyone off with the Raspberry Green Tea Sparkler with Lime. Raspberry drinks are preferred nearly any time of year, and this one is a knockout hit with most party attendees because of its taste, style, and presentation. 

The drink has the refreshing taste that one would expect with a fruit-based beverage, but it is not overly sweet. Plus, it uses natural water flavoring that’s full of goodness. This easy-to-make recipe requires just one step once you have all of the necessary ingredients. Per our recipes page, the essential ingredients are: 

  • 16-20 oz glass with ice
  • Your favorite sparkling water
  • 2 full droppers of Pure Inventions Raspberry Green Tea
  • Juice of 1/2 lemon

You take those all together, stir them up, and then garnish with a slice of lime and fresh raspberries. To make a larger serving, just double all the ingredients and serve while bubbly.



Coconut Water Mojito


Who doesn't love a great Mojito? It is the ideal drink for summertime but refreshing all year long. However, a traditional Mojito doesn't quite fit in with a healthy lifestyle, and that means that many simply decided to forgo it for a long time. The good news for those individuals is that they no longer have to deny themselves the opportunity to enjoy this classic beverage. 

You can make a healthy mojito in less than three minutes with just four ingredients and begin to enjoy your summer relaxation without the added sugar or guilt. Here is all of the equipment that you need: 

  • Your glass - preferably 16-20 oz in size 
  • Crushed ice
  • Your favorite water (flat or sparkling)
  • 2 full droppers of Pure Inventions Coconut Water
  • Limes, halved
  • Fresh mint

Isn't that more than four ingredients, though? Well, only if you count the glass itself and the ice, but you likely already have both of these items waiting for you at home at any time. 

To make your healthy mojito mocktail, fill your glass with ice and add either flat or sparkling water. Next, add two full droppers of Coconut Water and juice from half a lime. Finally, drop-in a handful of mint leaves, and if you are feeling up to it, you might even decorate the glass with a sprig of mint or a lime wedge.

One of the best things about this healthy beverage is that people honestly cannot visually distinguish between this healthy version and a traditional one. It looks like you have a classic adult beverage, but you know that you just avoided all of those calories and the regret that may come with alcohol consumption.

Cranberry Peach Breeze


Cool refreshment is ideal for any mocktail. Believe it or not, traditional alcoholic drinks have a lot of sugar in them. They may not taste sweet at all, but the sugar contained within those drinks is something that many regular drinkers get very accustomed to very quickly. If they give up drinking and switch to mocktails, they might still crave a reminder of something that had some pleasant flavor to it. 

The great thing about the Cranberry Peach Breeze drink is that it doesn't contain any sugar and is thus more health-friendly. Here is what you will need to do to make it at home:

  • Get a decent-sized glass that can hold approximately 16-20oz of fluid and fill it up with ice.
  • Add water to it from any source you like (some opt for sparkling water for a bit more taste).
  • Then, add a full dropper of Pure Inventions Cranberry+Elderberry and a full dropper of Pure Inventions Peach Green Tea.
  • Squeeze some juice from a lemon into the glass.
  • You will use about half the lemon for this beverage. You can then shake or stir it, whichever is your preference.
  • Finally, garnish it with the remaining slice of lemon. 

You will surely appreciate the Pure Invention products that make this drink happen, and you can sip it happily knowing that it doesn't contain sugar.

Each of these mocktails is a wonderful creation. They are the type of thing that will surely get your friends talking, and could help make you the go-to person for great recipes for a variety of different non-alcoholic beverages.

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