How 2 Lifelong Friends Championed Healthy Hydration and Launched Pure Inventions

Q&A with Founders Lynne Gerhards and Lori Mulligan

Lynne Gerhards and Lori Mulligan, co-founders of Pure Inventions, have always championed healthy hydration and the wellness benefits of making natural choices. But what they noticed is that leading a busy life doesn't always allow us to make the best choices for our health. 

These lifelong friends, both Clinical Certified Nutritionists, launched Pure Inventions, a revolutionary line of water infusion drops. For the past eighteen years, Gerhards and Mulligan have been making it easy, fun, and affordable for people to make choices that are closer to nature. Now the two co-founders chat about staying hydrated, finding balance, and feeling your best. 

What is your favorite flavor of Pure Inventions infusion drops? 

Lynne: I love them all for different reasons and the benefits they provide. But my everyday go-to is Cranberry + Elderberry mixed with Peach Green Tea and fresh lemon.

Lori: That’s a tough one! I love changing it up depending on my mood. At bedtime, definitely our Night formula, a necessity for all of us who have a hard time shutting down. My favorite all-day beverage this summer has been our delicious Vitamin C watermelon flavor! OMG, pure deliciousness over ice and fresh lime, just ridiculous!

Why did you decide to become a certified nutritionist? 

Lynne: I was always interested in women’s health and nutrition on a personal level. I was introduced to the program for clinical nutrition by my chiropractor and was doing it more for self-fulfillment and continued education. Once I was heavily immersed in the certification program, there was a significant emphasis on the need to educate people on how nutrition can provide healing. Then there was the added benefit of the business side, and so there it began. 

Lori: I have always had a passion and desire to educate myself on all things related to living a healthy lifestyle, prevention, improving quality of life, and slowing down the effects of aging, much to the dismay of my family, since I drove everyone crazy! Haha

My longtime friend Lynne (who is my business partner) was going through a major career change in her life and decided she was going back to school to become a certified clinical nutritionist! I was excited for her but also a little envious. I was a single mom raising two daughters at the time and wanted to show by example the importance of being independent and following your dreams no matter what hardships life brings you. So I called Lynne, and I said, “Where, when, and how much does it cost?” And my next sentence was, “I am in. Sign me up!” And the rest is history! 

Describe what Pure Inventions does in 10 words or less.

Lynne: Pure Inventions is a wellness company that develops water infusion drops to create delicious, healthy beverages with nutritional benefits. 

Lori: Delicious drops added to water for hydration and health benefits!

What motivated you to launch Pure Inventions? What is your story?

Lynne: Pure Inventions was founded because of the needs of our clients from our nutritional practice, Nutrition First. Dehydration was a common issue with our clients. We could recommend no beverages that followed our wellness philosophy except herbal tea, green tea, or water. Many of our clients said they had a difficult time drinking water and were addicted to diet drinks. We needed a solution. 

Understanding the benefits of green tea and working with natural flavors and natural sweeteners, Lohan fruit and Stevia leaf, we found a way to make water delicious with health benefits. Also, the drink had to be free of sugar, calories, caffeine, and artificial ingredients. In essence, we’ve created the healthiest water enhancer. We found that clients were challenged with diets and exercise and couldn’t always stick to a plan, but they always returned to purchase their Pure Inventions drops for themselves and their families and friends. 

Lori: Our clients from our nutritional practice were the catalyst to launch Pure Inventions.

We had many clients that came to us seeking advice for many different health modalities.

However, one commonality all our clients shared, no matter what health issues they were faced with, was the need for clean, healthy hydration.

It was hard to believe there wasn’t much out there that we felt comfortable recommending besides water and herbal teas. Not too appealing to most of our clients. Lynne came across a green tea extract that didn’t taste too terrible and had great health benefits.

Our clients seemed to like it, and we would send them to a local health food store to purchase.

After a while, we decided we could do this and make it better, and that’s exactly what we did! Say hello to probably the healthiest water enhancer available. We contacted several different manufacturers until one of them would even entertain the thought of setting up a meeting with two crazy girls with big dreams.

Since then, we have created hundreds of different formulas over the last 20 something years. However, all our formulas have something in common and always will: great taste, health benefits, nothing artificial, no sugar or calories.

We love our delivery system since everyone can make it their way. The drops are all housed in glass containers because glass is a natural substance, unlike plastic that leaches.

What separates Pure Inventions from the competition?

Lynne:  Our longevity and commitment to wellness. Pure Inventions products are developed by nutritionists and are formulated with the highest quality ingredients. Our delicious taste and natural ingredient profile set us apart. We are recognized for our innovative products in the highest standard hospitality and resort industry. Our partners for service and retail are in the wellness worlds of spas, fitness, medical spas, chiropractics, and luxury destination resorts. 

Lori: What makes us different from many other products is that our infusion drops were created by nutritionists for our clients, with ingredients that most people are familiar with. You can make your beverage to your taste profile. You can mix and match with any of our other products to create amazing mocktails and cocktails. The drops are housed in small glass containers, which are great for on-the-go, and our carbon footprint, since glass is a natural substance compared to plastic.

In one sentence, describe how important your customers are to Pure Inventions?

Lynne: Our customers are the most loyal customers a business could ever hope for, some going back almost 20 years! They are truly a part of our Pure Inventions family, and we wouldn't be here without them. We are humbled by their loyalty and commitment to our products - there are no words to describe our love and appreciation. 

Lori: Our customers are everything to us. It is why we do what we do!

What excites you about the wellness/healthy hydration industry?

Lynne: Finally, the word is out, and the widespread awareness of how you hydrate matters to your health. Consumers are being made aware of the negative effects highly sugared, caffeinated, artificially sweetened,  and artificially formulated products have on their health. Unhealthy choices can lead to obesity and diabetes, to name a few. Having a truly healthy choice to offer to the masses has always been our goal. 

Lori: We are all living longer, but not necessarily healthier. Living a healthy life does not mean it has to be unpleasant. There are many more healthy options than ever before. We are excited to be a part of this.

Tell us how you turn customers into raving fans of Pure Inventions?

Lynne: Simple, they try it once. 

Lori: Simple, they taste it, they love it! We have been fortunate enough to be served in the most beautiful spas and resorts in the world, where our customers were able to experience Pure Inventions, which turned them into fans!

What are your three biggest accomplishments?

Lynne: Not in any order. They are all equally important.

  1. Founding Pure Inventions in 2003 with my best, lifelong friend, Lori Mulligan. Building a woman-owned company that’s still going strong and growing, a company that produces products that we are so proud to share. 
  2. After working in a different field for over 20 years, I went back to school and redirected my career path. 
  3. Not really an accomplishment, but I’m very proud and grateful that I have been able to maintain strong, loving ties with my wonderful family and maintain trusted, lifelong friendships throughout all life's changes with the most special people you could know, some that go back to pre-kindergarten! 

Lori: Ugh! I hate this question. Good thing I am not being interviewed for a job with my answer!

I would hope that my greatest accomplishments to date are just that because I have so many things I still want to accomplish.

My biggest accomplishment, which I value the most, is my amazing relationships with family, friends, and co-workers. Without that connection, not much matters.

Creating a woman-owned business with one of my dearest friends that helps people lead healthier lives in a fun, delicious, simple way!

Keeping our business afloat for well over 20 years with the help of so many great people during times of adversity, economic downfalls, a pandemic, and many other roadblocks.

What is one interesting fact about you that people may not know?

Lynne: I am passionate about sports and know way too much about professional football! However, the people that know me do know this!

Lori: Haha, everyone knows everything about me! I am an open book!

What books are on your nightstand?

Lynne: Books are my great escape. I read a lot of fiction - currently reading James Patterson’s “21st Birthday” and Jamie Brenner’s “Blush.” 

Lori: Two books are always on my nightstand. One is “The Secret” and the other is my “Gratitude Journal.”  Now I keep “The Secret” as a reference whenever I need some help with affirmations, and part of that is my gratitude journal. I have so much to be grateful for daily, and it helps me to remind myself of that!

Favorite motivational quote?

Lynne: “Before you speak, let your words pass through three gates: Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind?” Some say this was quoted by Buddha. Some say Socrates, and some say Unknown.

Lori: I am not sure I have one favorite motivational quote, but since I am filling this questionnaire out today, these two capture my mood!

“If you have the power to make someone happy, do it; the world needs more of that.”

“Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen.”

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